Recently, I heard one of my friends sharing about stress, and what it can do to your body. Her and her husband have been dealing with some tough family issues, and she has dropped 5 pounds as a result. She believes it is stress related.

Stress can really do a number on your body. I remember a few years ago, I was going through some very stressful work-related things. I know I dropped a few pounds myself. But, the bigger surprise was when I went to the dentist and was asked, “Have you been dealing with any stress?” Shocked that they would know I said, “Yes, why?” The dentist then informed me that stress can cause added plaque build-up on your teeth. SAY WHAT? Stress causes plaque?

If you have been dealing with some stressful things, I’d like to help you with a few practical ideas.

  1. Daily Journaling. It only takes a few moments everyday, and it really helps you look back and see how God has been meeting you in the midst of the stress.
  2. Spend time in the Bible. The Bible has SO MUCH to say about worry, stress and anxiety. Jesus himself reminds us often not to worry about tomorrow as it has enough trouble of its own.
  3. Pray. This can be a tough one, especially while in the midst of a storm. Yet, God wants your honest heart, and just wants you to lay it all out to Him. No formal words are necessary. Just your heart.