10 Things to Do With Kids on Summer Nights
1. Pajama Run
Give the kids their baths, have them put on their PJs, and then announce a surprise outing.

2. Tent Fun
Camping in the backyard is a no-fuss way to get kids away from screens for family time.

3. Night Swimming
Whether it’s a pool or a Slip-n-Slide, water is just as fun on a summer night as a hot summer day.

4. Ding Dong Gift.
In Ding Dong Gift, we put a basket of goodies on a neighbor’s doorstep for them to discover when they open the door.

5. Nocturnal Noise Hunters
Take a walk around the neighborhood at dusk or nightfall and listen for the music of the night.

6. Meteor Watching
The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best annual meteor shows. This year, they’re visible from July 17 to August 26 and peak from August 11-12.

7. Thanking the Nightshift
Take a dozen doughnuts to your nearest fire station or emergency clinic and thank the staff for their service through the night.

8. Mothing
This is a fun and easy way to attract many varieties of moths.

9. Zoo Night
Many zoos offer special nighttime admission, especially during the summer.

10. Catching Fireflies
Fireflies can be found all over! Especially in woods adjacent to standing water.